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Mark Crowell is the CEO of CuliNEX, a food innovation company specializing in developing solutions to address various challenges in the food industry. As a seasoned CEO with 18 years of experience, Mark isn’t looking for fundamental advice, but real-world insights from experts in their field.

“Through Vistage I was able to recruit 4 new, highly skilled board members. Those board members have already had a major impact on every area of my 30-person company. Our ability to quickly implement their suggestions, and indeed, have them work directly with my leadership team has resulted in new found momentum and excitement as we break through longstanding “stucks”.

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Meet Steve Crabtree

Steve Crabtree is an experienced CEO and sales leader with a proven track record of building and growing successful companies. With over 20 years of experience in startups, business leadership, and executive coaching, he turned to Vistage to provide a safe and collaborative environment to grow as a leader, optimize his business, and strengthen his community.

Steven Crabtree

“In January 2023, I embarked on my journey to build a Vistage Group, encouraged by former Chair Mr. Howard Lieberman. Joining the Vistage Academy alongside 57 other prospective chairs, I transitioned from being a CEO to mastering the art of outreach and leadership with the support of my Vistage colleagues. Cold calls became less daunting as I engaged an external marketing company for LinkedIn outreach, expanding my reach to CEOs who could benefit from Vistage. Setbacks only fueled my determination, and with unwavering support from my Vistage team and my wife, I overcame challenges, steadily growing my group from six to eight members, with sights set on 12 and eventually 18. This journey has reinforced that success lies not just in numbers but also in the relationships formed and the unwavering dedication to mutual growth. A special thanks to the Vistage team for helping me launch my group: Aracely Lara, Nicolas Oliveira, and my mentor, Thomas Tomasevic.”

Steve Crabtree

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